University of Lahore

Prof. Waseem Nazar

Head of Department

The Department of Electronics was established at the University of Lahore since its inception. A salient feature of department is that it covers electronics, electrical, power systems computer systems and microwave all under one umbrella, which provides a lot of opportunities for cross-disciplinary interaction both in terms of academia and field work. The field of Electronics and Electrical Systems encompasses many exciting technologies such as programming, microelectronics, computer systems, mobile communications, wireless communications, power systems, microwave … which have been among the rapidly growing and most challenging technologies that enable the development of the modern information-based society. Our graduates have been serving the society in key positions in the fields of electronics, power system, communication, microwave etc and playing their roles in effective and efficient way. The mission of the department is to produce and provide the highest quality of graduates to serve the society, and to conduct leading-edge research. To this end, we strive for excellence in teaching, research and professional services

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