University of Lahore

The department of Electronics was established in year 2000. In this department Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees are offered in Electronics and Electrical systems. Department follows the curriculum devised by HEC in both programs.

Lab work and project work is greatly encouraged in this department, also industrial visits are carried out frequently to enhance the practical knowledge of students. Department has faculty of qualified and dedicated Assistant Professors, Lecturers, and Lab Engineers. Faculty hiring process meets the HEC criteria. Labs are fully equipped to fulfill the creativity and learning abilities of students.

Students of the department have access to Student Information Systems (SIS) Services to check their attendance record and perform online enrollment, online complaint and suggestion activity.Students can also participate in extracurricular activities for their physical and mental grooming.

Dean Message

Technical Education plays a vital role in the development of the country. Institutes offering programme in Engineering & Technology have contributed much in the construction projects of the country. The University of Lahore has helped the society in training about 13000 students in different disciplines.

HOD Message

The Department of Electronics was established at the University of Lahore since its inception. A salient feature of department is that it covers electronics, electrical, power systems computer systems and microwave all under one umbrella, which provides a lot of opportunities for cross-disciplinary interaction both in terms of academia and field work.